Less than a month to go! And it’s going to be bonkers!

Last weekend past, I’ve managed to move house, volunteer at a beer festival, and catch up with some friends. All done and dusted with a nasty head cold.

The rest of the month before I leave I have a wedding, some extra work, and tough mudder to run! (Walk – I don’t want to injure myself before I leave!)

I thought moving to Dad’s place, seeing all my hiking gear and belongings in one pile, this would start to feel real. Instead it feels even more like it’s not happening, as if it’s just still an idea floating around in my mind.

BUT I need to get real! I NEED to get my gear all layed out, I NEED to practice pitching my tent, I NEED to sort out my paper maps and trail notes. This last month is going to be a challenge. (And my employment situation…)

I’m pretty confident in my gear, I’m a little concerned about my fitness, about map reading, about resupplies. But I’m very good at winging it, it’s gotten me this far!

I’ve invested some time building map overlays of trail notes and important information. While the paper maps are only my back up. It does mean I’m quite familiar with the route, I already know what towns I can resupply in.

I had planned on sharing the resource I built with the Te Araroa community, but it’s very dependant on my existing knowledge of New Zealand, so I think I’ll sleep easier at night if I keep them to myself. Just in case someone makes an error because of my notes.

25 Days till trail.


  1. Following on from your post I had to hunt out the NS Times to read the write up. The feet will be beginning to itch for the start I am sure. About this time next year I will be where you are today Dan. I will be following your journey with interest.


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