Howdy readers!
This week my has fundraising reached $1200! I’m super grateful to all the fabulous friends, family, and companies who have already donated to my cause, and to the businesses and strangers who have heard my story!

This week I kicked the fundraising up a notch, with some social media pushing, and with an open letter to the hospitality industry. With an offer to work shifts in exchange for donations. So far I’ve received one donation of some vouchers I’ll put up for a charity auction soon! Hopefully more on the way.
At the moment I have one volunteer shift all but confirmed, and a few more in the pipeline. Hopefully, word will spread amongst the hospitality industry and I can do more of what I love to do, to support the mental health foundation. If you have anything I can do for you in exchange for a reasonable donation, I’m pretty good behind a lawn mower, and I’m not bad with a paintbrush!

Now, trail prep. Last of my gear is on its way to New Zealand, slightly delayed by the lack of fuel in the airport. Once it arrives I’ll be sure to show it off here and on my Instagram. I’m now waiting with bated breath for the updated trail notes to be released, there’s meant to be big changes in the Northland section and I want to build my own notes and maps. So the quicker they get here the better!

In a couple weeks, I’m moving back to my old man’s house, Will save a bit of extra cash without paying rent. Plus a place to store all my belongings for the summer. Hopefully we can put up with eachother.

I’m still scared. So excited. Can’t wait for it to truly begin!

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