On my back: kitchen

To keep myself motivated, and focused on the build up to my thruhike attempt. I’ve decided to do what many others do and make a little gear review my stuff.

I could do a YouTube video. But I’m very good at talking without saying anything worthwhile. Here my thoughts are a bit more focused.

So! My camp kitchen!

Technology has come quite a long way with light weight gear, and choosing what approach to take can be a challenge.

While I could have spent a large sum of money getting top end titanium gear. Or saved lots of weight with a alcohol stove, diy-ed out of a coke can. But I decided to go with a nice balance of affordable and reliable.

One item you can see above I did splash out a little on was my 🥄 spoon. The long handle just makes life easier, plus it’s a super robust and light titanium model from Toaks.

You can find it all over the place for a variety of prices and configurations. Including here.

For my pot, I wanted to be able to fit a gas canister inside of it. This ment one less thing to try find at dinner time and a nice compact system. After looking at truckloads of options, trying to justify the cost of a titanium pot, I ended up getting this set. I’m only using the smaller pair. Which is more than enough, and it allows me to heat up a drink while I have my meal.

Now my favorite part is the stove. I already owned a very good stove, but when I heard about this one, I needed to give it a try. This little BRS Titanium stove weighs only 25 grams! While I haven’t had much opportunity to test it, it works great with the pot I’ve chosen, and has great reviews from tons of other hikers.

And of course a lighter, I prer the full size to the mini, I find the ease of use totally justifies it, and a standard kitchen cloth I need to cut down a little smaller so it fits neater.

The big perk of this system is it’s very compact. All fitting inside each other.

At the moment I’m just using the supplied mesh bag, but in the future I might swap this out for a more long lasting option.

The whole system as is, including a near full fuel canister, weighs in at about 650g. While it’s not the lightest, the fuel canister is about half of the weight. Without fuel, it’s only 300g.

If you would like to know more about the gear I’m taking with me, or have any other questions about my plans. Please ask!

And while I’ve got your attention…


Donate towards my fundraiser for the mental health foundation please! And a big thank you to those who already have.

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