Im totally afraid.

This hike is getting closer and closer, my checklist is getting shorter, and I’m getting more nervous about the whole thing.

My gear is pretty much all sorted, few big ticket items left. Plenty to do as it consumes my entire life!

I’m replacing my current tent, a northface talus2 person tent, 2.2kg. with a much more minimal tarptent notch. Coming in at under a kg, it’s a massive amount of weight to drop.

While I’m no gram weanie cutting tags out of clothes, trimming straps, all to save weight. The less I carry, the more likely I am to go the distance and make it to bluff.

Going ultralight* would be great, but the investment in equipment is a bit more than I can handle. My baseweight* should be lighter than most, but I’ve left my self a few luxury items, plus all those little bits and bobs add up quickly.

Ultralight* – under 5kg baseweight

Baseweight*- weight of everything in your pack before food, water, and any fuel is added.

Check my crappy gear list out here!

Te Araroa Gearlist

If there is any interest, I’ll make a video breakdown of everything too!

Do you have any suggestions for me?

PS. Anybody want to drive me to the start at Cape Reinga? I can promise average conversation, and a high chance I’ll fall asleep!

4 thoughts on “Totally not afraid

  1. Dan,

    I could do with a drive to Cape Reinga.

    My name is Frank Bennett. I was supposed to be walking Te Araroa this year to celebrate my 70th year, but someone else made plans. Life and family sometimes get in the way. So I have to be content with Arohaki Lagoon in an attempt to photograph frogs, Whirinaki for Blue Ducks, 7 days with Family in the back blocks of the Marlborough Sounds, Waikaremoana just because I love the place, and anything else I can fit in between. Followed by the Roxburgh Gorge bike trail, Clutha Gold Trail, and Otago Rail Trail all one after the other plus a short walk in the Catlins. That should get me to the middle of April after which it will be back to planning for Te Araroa starting November 2018.

    However that”s just a bit of background information for you. I noticed your comment on needing a ride to Cape Reinga. If you still don’t have one I would volunteer my services. I could do with a drive to the Cape. Early morning start and you can sleep if you wish, I am presuming it would be from Auckland, could have you there by midday, probably more than enough time to get to your first camp spot.

    If you are already organised that”s great, I will follow your blog with interest and pick you up on Instagram as well. The wife may even decide to come along so we can have a nights stop over somewhere on the way back.

    With regards
    Frank Bennett


    1. Thank you very much Frank! I have arranged my transport north now, but would be great if we could arrange for our paths to cross. Or if you could join me for a section of the walk!
      It’s wonderful seeing how many great generous kiwis are getting behind the idea of Te Araroa!


      1. Maybe as you get back to Auckland. I live not far from Long Bay could meet you at after you cross the estuary and walk back with you through long bay. Be keen to hear in person your views on the far north sections. Or if you need a lift around the high tide route.


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