I’m feeling successful!

I’ve been sending a string of emails to all sorts of people since January. And theyre slowly generating someresults.

I have been in contact with the Movember foundation, and I’m going to use my journey as an opportunity to work with them, and try raise awareness, and some funds for mens mental health. 
If you pay attention to NZ media at all you would have seen some of the recent attention the topic has had thanks to Jono and Ben, where local celebrity Jono Pryor spoke on live television about losing one of his friends.

It’s not often a topic approached, and nearly never is the message communicated as effectively as a comedian in tears. Read more about it and watch the video here.

I’ve had my own struggles with mental health, and seen the impacts on people very close to me. Making this an issue close to my heart, if you would like to support my cause share the links when they’re ready. I’ll keep it in the sidebar of my blog, and on the associated Facebook page.

On a lighter note. I’ve gotten a little bit of sponsorship​! The awesome guys at Merrell NZ have set me up with a pair of trail runners and a crazy warm lightweight fleece. So far I’m not sure if I like the fleece, because it’s too damn warm! Packs down very compact dries quickly and looks perfect for layering, so it’s more than likely going to get plenty of use through winter.

I’ll go into more detail on a gear post in the near future!

Happy trails!

PS, anybody want to join me over Easter weekend hiking?

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