Belated updates!

Sorry! I’ve been quite absent from my blog for a little longer than planned!

It’s been a hectic few weeks, and it looks like it’s just going to stay that way a little bit longer…

In the last month, I’ve run a bar at Splore- a music festival for those not in the know. Which was excellent! I got to test some of the equipment I’ve purchased so far! Plus I’m back to university, and I’ve started a new job!

Between assignments, working two jobs temporarily, and all of other life’s mishaps, I’ve neglected all my planning. But it’s all looking good for the future! My new job is Monday-Friday, meaning more weekend getaways, hiking and getting prepared for the big day. Plus its salary work, with 3 months of summer closed! Meaning as long as I can answer my emails, I can do all the work I need to while on the trail, whilst still being paid. (fingers crossed.)

On the equipment side. My tent. It’s quite a bit heavier than most used by thru-hikers, the North Face Talus2, but it was comfortable and watertight, super easy to set up and take down, even in the rain.

My sleeping mat, I bought second hand, a Thermarest Neoair Xtherm, which is pretty much the top rated air mattress ever! And it’s already done the TE Araroa once! Hopefully, it will survive another! Super comfortable, while the reviews mentioned it being a little noisy, I found it wasn’t much of a problem. The biggest issue I had was it was TOO WARM! I’m a rather hot sleeper so I’ll be getting a sleeping bag liner, which for warmer nights will probably be used alone rather than with a bag.

The kind fella I bought the mat from also sold me his hiking poles. Which have seen better days, but I’m sure will last me just fine. I’ve generally gone without quite comfortably but will be glad for them in the more unstable terrain.

I also got to test out my new camera! A slightly older, but very capable mirrorless Sony Nex-3n. While I’m no expert, it ticks all the boxes so far, and I’ll add some of the pictures I snapped to this post later on! – Figured it out! Now i just need to learn how to take half decent photos, and then edit them.

The wet weekend at Splore definitely highlighted my need for a new wet weather jacket, mine was soaked through within minutes of the torrential downpours we suffered. While I would like a Marmot SuperMica, the price tag has me looking elsewhere. $350 is a tough ask when I still have so much equipment left to get.

The other big ticket items on my list –

A PLB, some shoes, and a hut pass. Plus all the little things, good socks etc, will likely add up very quickly!

I’ll do a more in-depth review of my gear once I feel I’ve caught up on life a little more. Plus all the other going ons with the trail!

Catch you on the flip side!

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