Tick tock

As of today, there is….

33 weeks, or 231 days, or 4894 hours left till my planned departure!


Time passes quickly as this month is going to fly by. It is a short one. This month, I’m back to studying, working  music festival, AND… Testing some of my equipment while I’m there. Which on that note, the pile of goodies from Amazon, trade me, and the plentiful end of season specials is starting to grow! And my bank account cries…

My actual fitness training kicks off the moment I’m finished writing this blog post. Maybe…. (I don’t wanna ruuuun it’s hot outside). I have an extended period of time off for the music festival, so I’ll try and get a day walk in on either end of it. Re-familiarize myself with my pack!

I got a camera! Which I’ll be using on the trail. It’s a super compact mirrorless, and I have no idea how to use it properly. But the pictures I’ve snapped so far are wonderful. Plus it charges via USB! And with my fancy new toy, I can start doing video blogs! Maybe… I hate the sound of my own voice, and I tend to ramble and start talking about things that aren’t all that relevant, like how my friends sometimes call me tangent man, because I’ve already gone off in a big run on sentence that isn’t at all important or relevant to what I started talking about… See what I mean. 

Currently my biggest concern is money, a potential sponsor for equipment hasn’t replied for over a week, hopefully a quick reminder gets a reply.

Thanks for reading. I know it’s not the most cohesive of posts. But I felt the need to share where things are going.

Happy Valentine’s day!

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