OK! Its been a little while since I posted, and that because there really hasn’t been a whole bunch to post!
I’ve been researching equipment, getting quotes, trying to approximate time frames and budgets. Deciding if i want to buy a camera or a go-pro (if anybody has one collecting dust/ going cheap. Yes please).

So everything at the moment revolves around money. And namely how little of it I posses.

I sit somewhere between successful hospitality worker and career student. Neither of which allow for great earnings. and as i go back to study this semester, my earnings potential has risk of dropping even lower. And sadly this venture isn’t going to be cheap. A quote on most, not all, of the equipment I’ll need to replace or upgrade came to just over $2200 NZD. Which is a lot. and I’m sure i can do it for far less. But i also need to budget for gear failure, food on the trail, and accommodation, (and kayaks!), which I’m picking about $1000 a month at the moment. meaning this 4 month adventure, will cost me about 5-6 thousand dollars…. And that’s roughing it!

Good thing I’m a clever saver, and a little bit shameless.
On the hunt for sponsors.
Will sell out for shoes, sleeping mat, and anything merino.

I’ve also been in communication with the boys over at Movember foundation. And they’re going to help me help them, by assisting with some fundraising.  – Give a little page coming soon!

Till next time! Where I’ll hopefully have actually started some fitness training instead of just thinking about it.

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