Some questions!

I thought I’d answer some of the more common questions my friends and family are asking me. If you’d like to know more about my plans or have something else to ask me, please do!
First of all when!


Well TE Araroa is seasonal, with large areas in passable for the majority of the year. Some parts, particularly the South island, are covered in ice and snow most of the year. While others that pass through farmland are closed for lambing season. The season runs from late September through to April for a south bound (SOBO) walk. I’ll be leaving early October, meaning a wet spring start to my journey. But some nice warm weather in the lower south island. 

The fastest complete thru hike was 57 days by an ultra marathon runner, with a full support crew. While most finish between 90-120 days


 Where am I walking? Well the trail runs from the northernmost point to the southernmost. Approximately 3000kms! 13.5% of the trail is road walking, while the rest runs across beaches, forests, tundras, mountains, lakes, rivers, swamps, and volcanoes!

There’s plenty of maps and trail notes online for more details, if it runs across a wee town where an estranged relative resides, and you think they might be willing to put a tired hiker up for a shower and a night indoors, let them know!

What: is very similar to where! The TE Araroa trail is a series of trails tied together. It was first concieved a long time ago! 1975! With DOC taking charge in 1995. In 2003, a book was published containing the trail, and since then people have been making the journey. The trail was officially opened only in 2011.


Me. Only me, but I’ll be joined by many others on trails around the country, some on day walks, others doing the same as me!


With difficulty, I will have to give up working for about 4 months. Living off my savings and the kindness of strangers!


This is a difficult one. I guess I’m not certain why I’ve decided to do this. I want a challenge, I want to better myself, I’m a proud Kiwi who loves his country and would like to see more of it.

I think this is another whole blog post…

Coming soon! – Dan reveals slightly more about himself than he is comfortable.

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