Te Araroa winds its way through some incredible scenery, remote locations, aaaand along roads and highways. Which frankly don’t interest me all that much. So I’m thinking of giving up on being a ‘purist’ and hitchhiking some of the road legs. 

5 hours road walking vs  15 minute car trip?

Hitching a lift means less time walking on the trail, more opportunities for zero days to rest and recover, and therefore more chance I complete the trail! And I get back to the real world and looking for employment quicker…

I’m not scared of the people who might pick me up, I’m big and ugly enough to take care of myself. But hitchhiking, even here in the safest of countries, makes me really uncomfortable. 

On the flip side of the argument, people call it cheating, and I’m a stickler for the rules. And being able to say ‘I walked the whole way!’ Would be an incredible accomplishment for me.

I have a feeling that I won’t know for certain till I’m on the road, pack on my back and a car comes round the bend. 👍

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