The shoe-wdown…

Footwear problems. Walking 3000kms is hard on feet and shoes! So I’ve been doing plenty of research before I decide what will work for me.

A trail runner won’t last as long a a good hiking boot. But  boots tend to be very heavy, stay damp a long time and you’ll still kill at least one pair about halfway through the journey. 

So I’m on a hunt for a lightweight trail shoe, that will dry quickly when (it definitely will happen) it gets wet. Is robust enough for road walking and a long distance journey like this. Without breaking the bank because I’ll need 3 pairs!

At the moment Merrell have my attention, particularly the Moab model. They’re incredibly expensive here in NZ, about $250 upwards, but I can import pairs for closer to $100 a piece. 

More research is needed!

Interesting feet releated thru hiking facts!

Your feet will be flat by the time you finish.

Your feet will likely be at least a full size larger! 

You and your feet will have a love/hate relationship.

If anyone has recommendations or advice, I’m all ears!

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