A little planning to take me a long way!
The Te Araroa isn’t a single route, but rather a collection of day walks and longer tramps tied together. Which creates the challenge of having reliable sources of food and water. Especially when you’re a big guy like myself, keeping food in your belly is a high priority.
Using some of the resources online and advice from past walkers, particularly: http://www.gustofrenzy.com/te-araroa-201516/

I’ve put together a list of “legs” with resupply information. I’ll post the excel spreadsheet as soon as I figure out how… But for those very curious here is a download link.           route-break-down
I’ve also spent the day working on a gear list and researching costs. I don’t like parting with my hard earned dollars, but anticipated a large sum on equipment and some spare for replacements, as 3000kms and four months are more use than most people’s equipment will ever see. with most hikers using at least 2 pairs of shoes. Some having to replace most of the gear when the opportunity arises.

From this morning when I first posted till now only about 6hours later, without even leaving the couch I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster.

More updates when I reach a real milestone!

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